About us

Roller Tehnik d.o.o. is a young, dynamic and highly valued company specialized in manufacturing of new rollers, rubberizing of rollers, restoration of polyurethane and Rilsan rollers / wheels and in production of rubber and PU products (no crush wheels,…).

We acquire our raw materials from the best suppliers available on the European market, with whom we cooperate at research and development.

We are specialized for the restoration of graphical and very specific industrial rollers (wood processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, manufacture of PVC, PE, PET, packaging industry, manufacture of packaging, food industry, etc.).

Restoration of rollers we offer up to a total length of 5 m and a diameter of rubber coating up to 600 mm.

To take that next step in the quality of your service, you need to first have the optimal quality of your rollers. We will ensure you that, since we also offer an on-site inspection by our technologist. Together, and with full support of our partners, we will guarantee the optimal quality of the rollers used in your manufacture process.

Business card:

Company name: Roller Tehnik d.o.o.
Full company name: Roller Tehnik proizvodnja in trgovina d.o.o.
CEO: Sašo Kolenc
Address Gorenjska cesta 20 C, 1234 Mengeš, Slovenija
Telephone: +386 51 602 601
E-mail: info@rollertehnik.si
VAT number: SI97237647
Registration number: 6413234000
Bank account (Sberbank d.d.): SI56 3000 0001 0856 664

Why choose us?


We strive for the highest possible quality of products, services and the satisfaction of our customers. Raw materials are supplied from the best manufacturers in the European market, which also participate in research and development. We enhance quality raw material with precise and professional work to provide you with optimal product.


We always respect what we agree upon. Our specialization enables you to work quickly, reliably and efficiently.


According to your specifications or samples, we can manufacture completely new rollers from various materials.

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